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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I see this & don't know to proceed?

(+91) 889-153-0402 This is also WhatsApp. Skype: "WMS Support" Mail: info@wms-lite.com Choose any of these option to reach us. We try our best to resolve Your issue.


Will it work for both 3PL and Industry types?

Yes, while account creation we have an option. Presently the video is set for 3PL. Customer replaces Your Company now here.


Why there are 2 sites? Are they different?

Yes one is for Desktop view the master site. Other one is only for mobile, then only you can scan Barcode & QR Code. Both sites are entirely different.


Can I add Warehouse, Location, staff etc.?

Yes you can create it.


How to give access permission to Staffs?

Create a new Warehouse and Staff. During the process of Staff creation you can assign the needed Warehouse and Permissions.


What about Shopify Ecommerce orders?

If interested we can show in live accout. eBay, Walmart and more Ecommerce platforms are in our mind. Also integration with www.quuote.me is in our plan.


We don't see any Graph reports?

We are on a total renovation of the same. We expect to lauch the graph section soon. Our clients are also requesting this. Please see this video Graph Demo


What guarantee you provide to our data?

We have daily backups running in the background. Firewall and Anti Spam Enabled Servers. Inside we have access permission to control visibility of modules.


What about technical support?

If it is a bug from our side we will definetly correct it at the earliest. If some complication occured, we are here to help You. 7 days a week.


We need additional functionality in WMS?

First we evaluate it and propose You a Price quote for the implementation with time frame. If it is acceptable we can proceed.


We take pride in serving our customers safely.